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Based in Chania (Crete, Greece), the Institute of GeoEnergy of the Foundation for Research and Technology– Hellas (FORTH/IG) is oriented towards basic and applied research on energy exploration and production, as well as on energy transition; with the latter focusing on green energy, environmental sciences and reduction of the conventional fuel’s carbon footprint. Initially established as Institute of Petroleum Research (FORTH / IPR), was later renamed to Institute of GeoEnergy (FORTH/IG).

The strategic goal of FORTH/IG is to become a reference point for the Eastern Mediterranean region, in the field of sustainable development and exploitation of energy resources.

Among the basic principles of the Institute are the excellence, the innovation, the documented accuracy of its views, the quality and stability of energy supply, the environmental protection and responsibility, and the continuous effort to improve the conditions of human life in society in the most sustainable way.

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